Starting 2010 with a bang…

…quite literally.

Luke and I decided to stay home from church Sunday night. Mainly because one of us was super cranky after nap and was way too fussy to take for a nursery worker to deal with. Well, L finally started to perk up, so I decided we should run to Target and get a couple things- dog food, etc.

We had a nice time shopping and were leaving in time to warm up some dinner at home before Dan and Daniel got home. I was stopped at a light waiting to turn right ( a truck was coming). Out of nowhere our car got smacked hard.

I drove around to a gas station to get out of the road and assess the damage. The bumper was torn off.

That’s a blurry picture, but the back taillight was demolished and the back quarter panel of the car was crumpled.

I went to get Luke out of the car and his door wouldn’t open. That scared me at that point.

Thankfully he was sitting in his car seat and waving and doing just fine. Thank you Lord and the 5 point harness.

The lady that hit the car was very apologetic and said she was trying to break and her foot slipped off of the break. Her foot might have slipped and hit the accelerator. I think that’s a possibility as hard as that hit felt.

Now I’m just waiting on the insurance company to make the next move. We’re a one car family until then.

I’m so thankful that Luke was okay! I’ve had a sore neck and headaches, but Tylenol has done the trick so far.

Life can change in such a blink of an eye! I’ve tried not to play the “if only” games. If I would have gone to church, If I would have stayed one minute longer or one minute less at Target, if I would have gone home a different way… We just can’t play those games. Like Dan said, what if I had gone to church and on the way home someone sped off of the Interstate and hit our car in a much bigger way… You just never know.

Thankfully no one was hurt and 2010 can really tone down a bit for me. J

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  1. Yikes! I’m so glad you are both okay. Car accidents are always an inconvenience, but you can’t complain when no one is hurt! And she HAD to have hit you hard to do that much damage! I hope you are feeling better, soon. Neck massages from the hubby and hot baths should help!

    Hugs to all!

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