Starting the week with a stream of my thoughts…

… one week until we’re at Disney World!

… I am in desperate need of a vacation.

…  Luke started running a fever on Thursday again (103 again).  He’s done this every two weeks for six weeks now.

… We took him into the doctor and they ran a blood test and found mycoplasma, which causes walking pneumonia.

…The doctor didn’t think he had walking pneumonia yet, but went ahead and put him on antibiotics without running anymore tests to make sure.

…Walking pneumonia or not he would have needed the same medicine.

… My last day of school was last Thursday.

… It’s hard to believe the school year is over.  Luke will be in the three year old class next year and Daniel will be a second grader.   I really can’t believe it!

… We had a banquet for High School Seniors today at church.  It was very nice.  They had a slide show playing that made me think about how fast kids grow!  I can’t imagine my kids that big.

… Some people still behave as if they are in high school.  Why is that?

… I’m finishing up the Summer Chart that I mentioned back in the winter.  I’ll have to share when I get it done.

… I need to sign Daniel up for a couple of summer activities at the sports center.

… I’m praying my boys get along this summer.  My sanity needs them to.  🙂

…  The LOST series finale is coming on while we are traveling next week. My DVR better not let me down.

… I’m sad that’s it’s the end of LOST.  I hope the finale is great and not a let-down after six years of trying to figure this show out.

… Only one more week until Disney.

…. Have I already mentioned that… and that I really need a vacation?

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