Stream of my thoughts…

  • The kids just started watching Inspector Gadget on Netflix and now I can’t get the ♫ song ♫ out of my head. I loved that show as a kid!

  • I’m thinking we need to fork out the money for a pool membership next summer. These 105° days stuck indoors with two rambunctious boys is for the birds!
  • I’m obsessed with planning our 10th anniversary weekend. I’m not really obsessed, but I want to get it figured out, so I keep coming up with different plans and trying to figure out the best one.  
  • I can’t believe that we got married almost 10 years ago! That’s crazy.

  • I’m a little sad that summer is coming to an end, but I’m really ready for more of a routine.
  • School starts this year on my birthday. How fun.
  • My baby is going to be a second grader. His last year at the Primary school. How on earth?

  • I’ve become one of those old people that can’t believe how fast time is moving.
  • ♫♫Do, do, do, do, do, Inspector Gadget… ♫♫
  • I took D3 to the doctor Friday and he has allergies and she put him on Claritin.
  • Just like both his mom and dad.

  • The doctor told him he was very smart, because he was having a conversation about grass allergies with her.
  • I wonder if he will be a doctor? I wonder what his future will bring?
  • I wonder if I have ADD the way my mind bounces all over the place?
  • I wonder if anyone will actually read a stream of my thoughts?

  • I’m excited to go to the lake and spend some time with my mom next week. And have the boys run around outdoors and swim.
  • I’ve spent half of my weekend reading my book and ignoring the enormous mountain of laundry I need to tackle.
  • How can four people accumulate so much laundry??
  • ♫♫Go Gadget go…♫♫


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  1. You made me smile! I think moms automatically get ADD! If you saw my house right now – laundry started, painting started, Maggie’s closet project started, half the yard mowed, garden waiting for manure (bag of manure sitting in the middle of the garden), and 2/3 kids dressed! And here I am reading blogs! Go, go gadget legs! 🙂

    PS I always wanted a watch and computer book like Penny’s. I guess a laptop is kind of like a computer book!

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