Summer at Home: Week 4

It’s not our 4th week of summer, but it is the 4th week of our Summer Vacation Chart. Each of the previous weeks I have said something along the lines of  ‘we survived another week of summer vacation’, but I’ll tell you the truth- this week the survival was by the skin of our teeth.

I think we have officially entered into the time in the summer where we have been together a lot, our schedules are completely different- staying up late and sleeping in and the boys are starting to act up.  Lots of fussing and fits and time outs this week.

The kids pulled their cards for this week.  They pull from a stack, so they are surprised with the card they choose.

Monday we took a mental health day and stayed in our jammies most of the day.

Tuesday the kiddos picked the card to make cupcakes.  Much to Luke’s delight.

After the kids argued over cake mixes and frosting at the grocery store (our theme of the week- arguing, that is) we decided on good old Funfetti vanilla cake and chocolate frosting.  There were only two crying episodes (and neither were mine) during the making of the cupcakes, so it was semi-successful. 🙂

Wednesday was the day to hand wash the car.  Much to my delight this time.  My car was filthy.

There was only one rather large time out involved during the washing of the car, so another semi-successful activity.  Ha!

Thursday was to be Watermelon Day, but the kids behaved so terribly on Wednesday that they lost the treat.  Guess we’ll have to see how that will go another day!

Well, there’s the short version of our week.  You never know what you might get at our house!  Hopefully next week will be filled with much more agreeable family members.  🙂

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