Summer at Home: Week 5…

It’s our fifth week at home with no trips or camps going on. I was a little worried about this week after our week of arguing last week and Daniel’s library program being done (which was wonderful, by the way). But we managed to have some summer fun. The kids chose the cards from the Summer Vacation Chart.

Monday we headed to the park. It was so insanely hot, but we stayed about 45 minutes to an hour. Luke swung for the longest time. He just loved it. Poor Daniel got too hot and it made him feel really rotten. We were drinking water the whole time, but it’s just too darn hot!

Tuesday we made a marshmallow catapult. It was a fun little activity.

Here are our supplies ready for us:

Dan saw us working on it and decided he could make it better. And he really did.

He used a ruler (with the ends predrilled- for the rubber band) instead of the second pencil as the catapult. Then we didn’t even need the little cap to hold the marshmallow, it just layed on the ruler.

The kids got a big kick out of it (and I did too to tell you the truth).

They stood there trying to fling marshmallows into each other’s mouths for a while.

Wednesday brought on waterballoons. Whose idea was this?

It took me forever to get into a water balloon filling groove, so the kids played in the pool while waiting on me.

Then they had fun throwing balloons at each other for approximately one minute.

It takes a heck of a lot longer to fill the balloons than it does to pop them… but they had fun.

Thursday was Watermelon Day. It was supposed to be last week, but uhmm… it didn’t happen. It was a pretty low key themed day. I took all my ideas from right here.

We colored half a paper plate to look like a watermelon.

Can you tell whose is whose?

I also made an icecream snack that looked like a watermelon.

Here’s the link of how to make one and it is so much cuter than my pitiful little teeny tiny version, but we enjoyed ours!

Luke wouldn’t eat it! He was too freaked out about the seeds, even though we kept telling him they were really chocolate chips.

The last thing we were going to do for watermelon day was bob for watermelon. Daniel got a big headache though so we skipped out. I think we’re going to be headed to the doctor with him. He has been having headaches and sneezing his little head off.

I guess it was a mini watermelon theme, but another fun summer week. We are getting closer and closer to being ready for the routine that the school year brings!


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  1. CUTE! We may have to try the marshmallow things. Have you seen or heard of marshmallow guns?

  2. I have heard of them, but never really paid much attention to them. It would probably be fun, because that catapult thing was fun. But ya know, it was fun for an afternoon kind of fun.
    Now , let’s count how many times I just said fun….

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