Summer at Home: Week One…

This past week was our first full week of Summer Vacation here at home… and we survived!  The boys chose their cards for the week from their Summer Vacation chart and were a bit excited with the choices.

Monday they pulled the card for a trip to the park, which they thoroughly enjoyed. It was so hot that they were begging to leave, which was fine with me!

Tuesday they chose the card to make playdough, but we ended up not doing this. I had to run errands, Daniel had his library program in the afternoon and then I went out of town for the night with Dan to his meetings and my mom came to stay with the kids.

I arrived back Wednesday in time to wash the car, which is the card they pulled for that day.

The theme for Thursday was Rainbow Day and we did four activities.

First, the boys colored a rainbow.  Daniel’s rainbow was cool, but it didn’t have the colors in order, so I marked through some of the numbers and changed them.  Maybe I’m a smidge anal with some things, I don’t know.

Daniel’s rainbow

Luke’s rainbow

The second thing they did was make Fruit Loop necklaces.  Daniel patterned his in rainbow color order and Luke just strung the cereal.

The third thing we did was paint rainbows.

The last of the rainbow themed activities was making a rainbow cake.  I made it for Easter a couple of years back and it was awesome, but today I tried to half the recipe and it didn’t cook thoroughly and was not that great… but the boys thought is tasted good and looked really cool.  🙂

Daniel pulled a few cards from the ‘Nothing to Do’ pocket this week, which seemed to work well.  All in all I would say the week was successful.  We still pretty much went with the flow and just threw in a project each day (or several on Theme Day).  The activities really don’t take all that long, but give a bit of direction to the day.  We’ll see if they stay excited through the summer.  I’m hoping so, since we have little things spliced through the summer as well.

Now, bring on the weekend!

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