Summer at Home: Week Two…

I believe we have survived our second full week home. I only gained a couple of new gray hairs, so that is somewhat successful.

This week was our Vacation Bible School at church as well, which the kids loved! It was a fun and active week of VBS.

As far as our Summer Vacation Chart goes, the kids chose some fun activities for the week.

Monday, Daniel went to Police Academy and had a great time. The police officers fingerprinted the kids and dusted for fingerprints. He also saw a demonstration with the police dog and got to see in the police car and touch the handcuffs. J He seemed to enjoy it and still says he wants to be a policeman when he grows up.

Tuesday, the kiddos made s’mores. That’s always yummy… and messy. 

Wednesday, was Mississippi Flood- which is what I call it anyway. It’s a game where there is a bucket full of water at one end and an empty bucket of water at the other. You have to get a cup full of water from the full bucket and run it to the empty bucket until the empty bucket is full. The kids seemed to enjoy that.

Thursday, was Under the Sea Day. First we painted paper plate fish.


We also made a jello aquarium. I don’t have a good picture of this, but all we did was make blue jello and when it was starting to set we put in gummy fish.


I could have gone all out and made a themed meal, but I didn’t.

These squid dogs are cute and so are octopus hotdogs. You could pair it with shell mac and cheese. You could eat fish or fish sticks, but I’m allergic to fish, so I never even think of feeding these things. J I’m sure there are a ton of other cute ideas.

We also made a wave bottle and played Fish Bingo.

The kids loved the Bingo game. We used goldfish as Bingo markers and they got to eat them when they were done.

After a full week with the kiddos and a full week of VBS with a lot of kiddos and a full week of Dan being super busy, I’m ready for the weekend… and a trip to the lake! I might have to arrange that. J

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