Sunday evening’s stream of thoughts…

  • Tonight is the season finale of Next Food Network Star. I hope Aarti wins.
  • Project Runway started again. I love this show as if I wear designer clothes and not capris and tshirts.

  • This is kinda’ like my love of HGTV and the Food Network- as if I decorate and cook.
  • I hope I’m all ready for Open House tomorrow. I’m not sharing my classroom this year, so I got to decorate it all myself. What fun!

  • Daniel is still loving second grade and I’m so glad! I think he might have a crush on his teacher, though. J
  • I’ve been thinking about making some resolutions in my life. Kinda’ like new year’s resolutions in August. I might need to make a separate blog post about this one.
  • I really want to watch The Last Song. This is another movie where I’ve read the book, but then missed the movie at the theater.

  • I wonder how Miley Cyrus does in this role.
  • I watched Message in a Bottle again last week. I alternate between wanting to hug and hit Nicholas Sparks. I LOVE his books, but every time they take a turn and get you all emotional and crying.
  • I just saw a recipe for Salsa Chicken and Ranch Florentine Tostadas and now I really want to make it. It looks so good.

  • I took a huge nap today and it was wonderful.
  • I woke up with that ‘where am I?’ ‘what time of day is it?’ feeling though.
  • I don’t like that feeling. Especially when my husband is heading out of the door and I can’t figure out where he’s going, because my head is still all foggy.
  • I’m so excited that fall is coming up. Even though it’s like 105 right now, cooler temperatures are coming!

  • Along with jeans and long sleeve shirts and pumpkins and yummy smelling candles and fun holidays…
  • I should go and fix my family something for dinner. Too bad it won’t be salsa chicken and ranch florentine tostadas.

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