The Beloved Golf Cart…

We spent part of our week this week at the lake.  My kids adore it there.  And Luke is completely in his element out there.

The swimming pool, the boat rides, and his very favorite: riding down trails on the golf cart.

The boys and I were out riding on the golf cart on Monday and it just stopped. I checked the gas and it was full, so I had no idea what the deal could have been. So, I tried to push the golf cart off to the side of the road, out of the way. Well, it started going down the little hill with both boys on it, so I quickly ran after it and hit the break with my hand. Good times.

Long story short, a guy that works out at the lake fixed the golf cart for my parents and came to bring it back. Luke saw him at the door and asked him if he fixed the golf cart. When he said ‘yes’ Luke pushed past my mom and went out and hugged the man!

This totally cracked me up. He is a somewhat shy little fellow, but if you fix his beloved golf cart the shyness goes out the window!



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  1. Tell him Aunt Mary has a red golf cart waiting for him to ride in! We hook a trailer to the back and take the neighborhood kids for rides. We have contests to see who can spot the first deer, rabbit, and crab. David always likes going off-road in the “secret passageways.” I think this is directly related to his Mario addiction!

  2. Oh! I just had a flash-forward of David and Luke driving the golf cart around the neighborhood for hours and hours!

  3. I just noticed that Daniel is sitting all the way back in the golf cart and his feet are almost touching the floor!!!

  4. I can see Luke living on land and four wheeling when he is grown. He loves the outdoors and the rougher the trail that we drive on the better. This golf cart has been through it! The kids would love a golf cart ride with their cousins!
    And yes, Daniel is getting tall! We have a hard time putting anything out of reach now. 🙂

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