The Day D3 Turned Eight…

We have an EIGHT year old in our house now! Daniel was insanely excited about his birthday this year. Truth be told, he might have been a little too excited! It was a HUGE day though. He turned eight, it was his class Christmas Party at school, he got Student of the Month for December, it was the last day of school before Christmas Break, his Grandpa paid a surprise visit AND he had a birthday party.

First of all the child woke up at FOUR o’clock.


He went back to sleep for maybe 30 minutes to an hour, but that was it. He was a bit pumped up!! We had to try and talk him down a bit before he headed off to school.

Dan went to eat lunch with him for his birthday and I went to his Christmas Party.

Our Birthday Boy/Student of the Month

Daniel opened a couple of gifts after school and then waited anxiously on his party. I honestly have no idea how he stayed awake. His eyes were so bloodshot from his 4 am wake up! Sheer excitement can apparently keep you going.

He wanted to invite 5 friends over for a little Lego party and I think they all had a blast. If screaming and squealing and running around are an indication of a blast, then they had a blast. J

I had a few Lego themed activities planned.

First, everyone guessed how many legos were in the jar. The one closest to the actual number won a small lego set.

The next big game that was supposed to take a while (but took like 5 minutes) was Lego I Spy. I took pictures of 13 different Lego pieces and made copies for each child. Then I dumped a mound of legos in the middle of the floor and they had to find all the pieces on their cards. They earned a trip to a little prize box for this one.

We also played Lego Bingo which I found here. And my favorite activity of the night: everyone built a lego set.

It was my favorite, because it was the calmest 10 minutes of the night! Ha!

We ate some pizza, opened some presents and had some cake as well.

D3 excited about his Lego Harry Potter set

Daniel wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate chips on it. So… that’s what I did. And Dan made a cool number eight out of Legos. 

I think D3 had a good birthday!

It was definitely an exhausting and full day, that day that D3 turned eight!

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