The Day Luke Turned 4…

We have a FOUR year old at our house! I have never seen anyone as excited to be four as Luke.

He woke up at 6:00 and came running out his room whooping and hollering. He was too funny. The first thing he found was his new bike from Mommy and Daddy. He rode it around and around the house all day!

We tried to space out his present opening, but that wasn’t happening~ so we finally just let him open them all. Everyone had brought his birthday presents at Christmas, so he knew he had a pile to open and couldn’t wait!

Both boys had been feeling under the weather and running high fevers, so we had appointments with the pediatrician that morning. They tested them for strep and flu and Luke cried and cried. It was just an awful way to spend part of a birthday morning! Both boys tested positive for the flu. L Luke also had the start of an ear infection, so he got antibiotics for that.

I just felt awful that I had put off the flu shot with the boys and then they ended up with the flu.

He was so proud of his 4 shirt. J He looks so sick in this picture though. He played and played with his new toys most of the rest of the day. He did take a nap in there too when we took Dan to the doctor. He has the flu too. L

After dinner {chicken nuggets and French fries~ Luke’s favorite} we had cake. He knew exactly what he wanted. Strawberry cake, vanilla icing, sprinkles and the number 4. Not four candles- the number 4.

So that’s what he got.

This was the day that Luke turned 4~ a day filled with a super excited little boy… with the flu.

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