The Zoo {picture overload}…

The boys and I had Fall Break earlier this week. It was a nice little break and we thoroughly enjoyed our time off. The weather was beautiful, so we headed to the zoo.

I wasn’t sure how Luke would behave {he has quite the amount of crazy energy lately}, but he did great! He really paid attention to the animals and LOVED it.

Daniel, of course loved it as well.

My cute boys in stripes!

I know he’s mine and all, but I think D3 is such a handsome boy!

We stayed and watched the monkeys for the longest time. There was a 2 month old baby that was CUTE.

The little monkey was holding on for dear life to another monkey. Another monkey came over and they started wrestling and here came momma monkey and grabbed the baby and got it away from the others. I thought the similarities to human brothers/sisters/mommas was hilarious! I could just hear the momma monkey saying “You are playing too rough with the baby!” It was very cute.

Luke could not wait to see the lions and jaguar, so I tried to get his picture with the animals in the background. These about sum up Luke’s little playful personality.


This picture is so Luke~ in the middle of telling some tall-tale.

He can’t stop talking and playing around long enough for a good picture! Christmas pictures should be interesting this year.

My favorites are the giraffes! I love them.

Well, maybe this time it was the cute little monkey…. Or this otter.

I really wanted to bring that little thing home! He was so interactive!

Dan’s favorite was this pretty green bird that flew right up to him.

And Daniel always loves the Reptile House {yuck!!} I totally get shivers in that place, but all 3 boys love it.

We had a great time and the kids were worn out! It was a wonderful way to spend a fall day…


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