This and That…

THIS is a post of randomness, because I can think of nothing to blog about. I had a list of countless blog topics in my head the other the week, and apparently they decided to fly away.

THAT husband of mine wrote the funniest post the other day. It’s funny because things turned out okay. I wanted to blog about it myself, but then he did and did such a good job. Read it here. Hey, the title is “My Head is in the Toilet,” you can’t ask for a much more riveting title than that.

THIS weekend is our anniversary trip. Have I talked about that here before? Ha! Only a lot. I’m excited to get away and have some time alone. <gasp!> And ten years is just a big darn deal to me. J

THAT Brad Paisley song, Anything Like Me, makes me tear up every time I hear it. I just love it!! That little bitty ‘me’ at the end is too sweet.

THIS week is Grandparent’s Week at Daniel’s school and since his grandparents aren’t local and work full time, I went to eat lunch with him. {And I wasn’t the only parent by a long shot}. Do you know that was my first time eating lunch with him at school? I feel awful admitting that. I feel like I should get Bad Mother of the Year or something for never having done that before. I really should do it more often, because pretty soon he will not want me at his school sitting with him.

THAT darn Batcave that we bought Luke for his birthday is about to make me curse. It started an obsession.! We had to take all of his Batman things away for a while, because it was getting to be too much. All consuming. <sigh>

THIS parenting thing can be hard sometimes. With the whole limit setting and life foundation forming and decision making and what not.

THAT list of blog topics better return to me soon…. I don’t like having blog writer’s block. As if I write riveting things on this blog to begin with…

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