Three-Year-Old Gone Wild!

Welcome to my new blog! This is my personal space. My other blog, Church and Tea,  is taking a professional-thematic turn (i.e., all things spiritual), so I am making this space a little more open to whatever topics I might want to post about. I am still working on the design of the site, so please excuse the mess… there could be weird hiccups. Anyway, without further delay, here’s my first official post:

Luke was in rare form yesterday. We had a cable guy come to the house to switch out a broken cable box. This guy was kind of rough around the edges… tattoos, piercings, a big hole in his ear the size of a quarter, and smelled of heavy cigarette use. Luke ran right up to him and gave him a big hug. It was very sweet, yet also rather awkward.

Then, we went to Cracker Barrel. The waiter must have had some little procedure done on his forehead. Luke asked him about it, and then kept asking him where our food was whenever he walked by. We couldn’t get him to leave the waiter alone. There were two ladies sitting next to us. One of them was getting a kick out of watching Luke’s antics.

The dinner conversation eventually turned to checkers. Daniel wanted to play on one of the big Cracker Barrel checker sets. Daniel had not played checkers before, so I figured it was a good time to teach him. He asked me if checkers was like chest. He, of course, meant chess. I knew that he meant chess. Cindy knew that he meant chess. Luke apparently only heard the words “like chest.”

Luke responded by getting out of his seat and loudly saying, “I like chest. See my chest? I have a chest.” In a style that reminded me of those girls-gone-wild commercials, he held up his shirt over his head and flashed his chest for all to see. The lady sitting next to us thought this was hilarious. Thankfully, we were on our way out to teach Daniel checkers and to teach both boys that it’s CHESS, not CHEST.

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