Weekend by Numbers…

The cool date on Sunday {times three 10-10-10}

The time Luke woke up on Sunday morning. Shocking!!

The number of hours spent getting ready and “helping out” with my parent’s yard sale. {they worked a whole lot more at it than we did!! Yard Sales are a lot of work.}

The number of kids I had at Children’s Time Sunday morning. It is a good number of kids for our church. They did such a good job too! We talked about God’s amazing and wonderful creation!

The time we got up on Saturday to start the Yard Sale fun! J

The number of pounds I probably gained from eating at my parent’s house. We went to this yummy restaurant ate a good dinner and then took out two pieces of cake the size of our heads.

The number of hours spent riding in the car to and from my parent’s house. The drive back was late at night and involved a crazy list of songs so that I could stay awake. I bounced from Green Day to Kenny Rogers to Kenny Loggins to the Cranberries to Keith Urban. Anything I could sing to and stay awake! {a sorry goes out to the passengers in my car that had to hear it…}

How many minutes my little one sits in time-out when he is sent there. And bless his heart, he was sent there a lot on Saturday!

Number of CRAZY football games I watched this weekend. What was up with the SC/AL & the FL/LSU games?

One busy, but fun weekend!

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