What’s Your Point?

Uhm… Could that really be Daniel and Luke cleaning the bathroom?

Not possible. Daniel appears to be scrubbing a toilet and Luke is cleaning with a Clorox wipe!

I had to document this moment, because frankly it may never happen again. Well, without a fuss anyway.

On their own they decided they wanted to clean the bathroom.

And vacuum.

And wow do I ever need a new vacuum.

Anyway, Dan has come up with a point system around here that seems to be working wonders. And I do have to give him complete credit for it.

It all started when we were car shopping. Before we headed out on an all day search for a new car, he told each boy that they had 3 points each and if they behaved and had at least 1 point by the end of the day they could cash it in for icecream. If they misbehaved they lost a point. They held onto all 3 points all day, so we went to Mickey D’s for a hot fudge sundae.

Well, somehow it’s still going strong… two months later! It’s amazing what these boys will do for a point and how upset they get when they lose one.

It’s not very pretty, but here is our point board:


We will change out the prizes every now and again, but so far these have been great. They have cashed in for everything on here except a movie night. They have a lot of points stored up right now, but they want to use 5 points and get an icecream after dinner. The sleep over is watching a movie together and then sleeping on a pallet in the Living Room or sleeping together in the bunk beds. Here is the sleepover aftermath:

They get 1 point each day for being a good citizen of the house and if they do something above and beyond or something on their chore chart they can earn extra points. Naughty behavior results in points lost.

Here’s the Chore Chart:

So far so good. I’m enjoying Dan’s little invention and so are the kiddos. And I’m actually getting some help with housework. What a concept! J

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