Wonderful Easter Weekend and the Camera Challenge…

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! The temperature was wonderful and we stayed busy!

I, however, don’t have the best selection of pictures. I was quite camera challenged this weekend.

Saturday we ran a few errand and finally dyed Easter Eggs.

Luke dyed his eggs using a whisk. I got that great idea from Family Fun. It keeps his fingers- or whole hand- from getting in the dye. I just put the egg inside the whisk and he put it in the cup himself.

Saturday night Daniel went to a Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt.

I forgot my camera that night! I really wanted to get some pictures, because it was such a cute, fun egg hunt. The kids played and ate dinner and when it got dark out, the adults hid the eggs and then the kids went out to hunt the eggs with their flashlights.

It was the most peaceful egg hunt I’ve ever seen! The kids had a ball.

I continued with the trend of bad pictures on Easter Sunday as well. I didn’t take any before pictures of the Easter baskets…

only the aftermath.

Then there was the pressure of the family picture… I’m not sure how I got talked into that one.

There is the ‘sun is way too bright’ version:

And the ‘one member of the family crying because Mommy got onto him for constantly making faces because the sun is too bright’ version:

Then we tried to get pictures of the boys together.

Daniel picked out his clothes this year for Easter. The boy loves to dress up.

We went to a great morning of worship and then headed back home for an Easter lunch. There was also a mega nap thrown in there too. Can’t beat that kind of day…or weekend!

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  1. This is all too familiar! The boys look sooo handsome! I think you got some great pictures!

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