♫ School’s… Out… For… Summer… ♫

Well, I inadvertently took a blogging break. Things have been super busy around here and frankly they still are, but I want to get back in my blogging routine. I think the end of the school year rivals December for the busiest time of the year! We have been up to lots around here {and I’m sure a catch-up blog post is in order}, but one of the biggest things would be the last day of school.

I officially have a THIRD grader. Daniel was actually not looking forward to the end of the year, because he LOVES his second grade teacher! She is awesome and he wants her to move on with him! J This was his last year at the Primary School and now he will be heading to the Intermediate School and I’m a little nervous! I think he’s excited.

Luke had his last day in the Three Year Old class. It took much explaining about summer break and being done in Ms. Cindy’s class. They were working on the letter Qq and Luke just couldn’t understand why they would be done and not stick around to make it to letter Zz. J Next year will be his last year of preschool!

My boys are growing too fast!!

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