A Great (and funny) Family Picture

Last thanksgiving, the internet was filled with posts about making the perfect turkey, tips for decorating your house to make it look perfect, and there were lots of perfect family photos on display. I often get caught up in trying to be perfect, too. Being perfect, though, is a whole lot of pressure, especially when I know that I am not perfect. A family picture at thanksgiving reminded me that we don’t need to take ourselves so seriously.

Here is a great family picture:

Ok, this is only part of the picture. The part that I cropped out is what takes this picture from good to great. In order to get a great family picture, we needed something to symbolize our collective imperfections. We needed something to say that we all make mistakes, and stuff happens along the way.

My sister ran back to stop the picture from being made, but the camera took the shot before she got there:




That white thing is my parents’ dog, Taylor. Yes, he is pooping. We had everyone lined up, punched the button to have the picture taken, and then Taylor walked in front of us and started doing his business. To me, it symbolizes the imperfection that we all have and try our best to keep out of pictures. It symbolizes the baggage that we carry around that we try not to let anyone else know about.

No one is perfect, but we often pressure ourselves and others to be perfect. Sometimes we need to take a deep breath and realize that poop is a part of everyone’s lives. Now, that’s a great family picture 🙂


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  1. I love it! Yeah, poop happens…deal with it. 🙂 I enjoyed looking at each face to check everyone’s reaction to Taylor’s little ill-timed deed. This is a great picture, indeed!

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      The looks are priceless. It is rare to capture an honest and raw moment. My dad’s reaction is my favorite.

  2. Oh I LOVE it! Life as it really happens! It really is a GREAT family photo! Glad you shared it!

  3. Ha! I never looked at the faces. Guess I was too focused on Taylor! Maggie and Nate are just disgusted! You should photo shop thought bubbles above everyone’s heads!

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      Great idea! I am going to fire up photo shop sometime soon… I know just what to put for almost everyone. And yes, Nate was disgusted… Maggie had to be called back… She was wagging her finger at taylor saying no no no. she was going to take charge and fix it.

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