ABC Book: K-O…

I’m not sure how great these scanned, but I’m finally adding letters K-O of the ABC Book.

A-E        F-J

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  1. Cindy….Thank you, thank you! You are the best…and your ideas are far better than any I could come up with!! Looking forward to seeing O-Z…. I really appreciate that you took the time to scan and upload them!! Laura

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  2. I have:
    K is for kissed…lipstick lip prints.
    O is for ouch…band aid collage.
    Q is for Q-tips…collage of Q-tips.
    S is for Super Kid..pic of child in superman cape.
    T is for Toes…foot print in paint.
    U is for Upside down…pics of unicorn, usa, umbrella, etc glued upside down.
    X is for x’s and o’s…valentine with x and o.
    Z is for zoom…car track painting.

    What did you do for P, R, V and Y?
    ( I have done Rainbow, Violets in a Vase, and Yellow Yarn)

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