ABC Decorating…

Each week I write our letter of the week {upper and lower case} large on a piece of construction paper and the kids cover the letter with an object that begins with our letter of the week.  They have to cover the letter as if they are writing the letter to stress letter formation. 

Here are some ideas for each letter. If anyone has more ideas please add them in the comments!

A ~ Apple Jacks

B~ buttons, blue bingo dots, bugs (die-cut), beans

C~ Cheerios {cereal}, cotton balls

D~ dots {do-a-dot, stickers or from hole punch}

E~ egg shells {white paper torn to look like egg shells}

F ~ Froot Loops cereal, feathers, felt pieces, fingerprints

G ~ green glitter, gold glitter, golfish crackers

H ~ Honeycombs, hearts {cut out or stickers}

I ~ ice cream scoops {cut out} , iscicles {Christmas tree decorations}

J ~ jewels, jellybeans

K ~ Kix cereal, kool-aid powder, kites {cut out}

L ~ Lucky Charms, letter stickers, lima beans

M ~ macaroni noodles, m & ms

N ~ newspaper pieces, noodles

O ~ Cheerios {O shape}, oatmeal, orange ovals

P ~ pipe cleaner pieces, purple polka dots {purple do a dot marker}, pom poms

Q ~ Q-tips, quilt pieces

R ~ Froot Loops {to make rainbow pattern}, red ribbon, rice

S ~ stickers, Skittles, seeds, sand

T ~ tissue paper, tape, Trix cereal, toothpicks

U ~ U stamp, umbrellas {cut out}

V ~ velcro, velvet pieces, Valentine hearts {cut out or stickers}

W ~ Whales crackers, White paper pieces

X ~ X stamp, Dem Bones candy 

Y~ yellow yarn

Z~ rick rack {zig-zag pattern}, Zebra pattern tissue paper or ribbon

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  1. for letter A we do apple prints, B-band aids the children love opening them and addidng them to their papers.(we have fun ones), E-sticker eyes, J-jell-o, K-we put lipstick on kids and they kiss the paper (big hit with the children), M-pretend money, O- paper reinforcers looks just like “O”, V-the children look thru magazines for vegtables.

    Hope this will help and thanks for adding more of your alphabet.

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  2. For the letter F we go fishing! I cut out a large F and let them decorate it and then trace their hand and they decorate that with sequins and a wiggly eye to look like a fish. I attach the two with a long string. So much fun!!!!! I love all of your alphabet ideas!

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