And the Worst Blogger award of 2011 goes to….


I’ve never let my blog sit so long without an update!

It has been so crazy~busy around here! I want to keep up my blog, because I love looking back and seeing what we were doing at certain points in our lives.

The major reason that I have not been around this {pretty, fall~ thanks to Dan} blog is that my hours at my new job were doubled! Awesome for me, but not the ole’ bloggy. I now have a full morning of reading groups and 3 afternoon math groups.

Daniel’s karate, Luke’s soccer, and my poor hubby’s ankle have also kept things busy around these parts.

I’m definitely having to adjust to this working mom thing. I’m not full-time, but pretty close and then there is so much planning, since this is my first year doing this!

My poor printer and google search bar are exhausted. And can I give another shout out to teacher blogs. Love you! They have been so helpful.

Number 9 AKA Luke is LOVING soccer. He can’t wait until his soccer games and plays really hard and cheers on his teammates when he is taking a break. He’s scored several goals including 2 for the other team Thursday. J How dare they switch which goal is ours with a bunch of 4 year olds! 😉

Dan is hanging in there and still coaching on crutches.

You can see him in the background of the picture above.

He’s scheduled for another Dr. appointment Monday for his ankle. He’s made some progress, but not a lot. Still no weight on it yet and we’re almost at one month since he hurt it. Poor guy is SO tired of the crutches and being unable to walk on his foot.

Daniel had a program last week. It was called Educations Rocks and it was cute. He had a speaking part. The picture quality is awful, I just had my cell phone and was a mile away from him.

He also started riding the bus last week. He thinks it’s the greatest thing (thank goodness). I was having to do so much rushing around to get the kids after work, that this has worked out just great! They let him off right in front of the house, since we live on a busy road. We swore we would try not to do the bus with the kids, but this bus driver runs a tight ship, so I feel better about it! He has a couple of really good buddies on the bus, so that really helps.

I’m going to really try to blog just little bits through the week, that way it’s not such a daunting task! I want to be able to remember this crazy time in our lives. This time where Simply Cindy’s life is a little less simple!

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  1. I hate to disappoint you, but I’m pretty sure I will be receiving the worst blogger of the year award! Not to mention the worst blog READER of the year! I’m only a week late reading this one – that’s not too bad, right?! 🙂

    I’m going to give you a few more weeks on the new job before I talk to you about it. I need some serious feedback, inspiration, or a “DON’T DO IT! RUN AND RUN FAST!”

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