Beautiful day at the Zoo…

The stars aligned yesterday and my steroid shot and Z-pack had kicked in, Luke was better, Dan was better, Daniel was well, and it was in the upper 70’s! What a wonderful combination of events. We had already designated Saturday as No Screen Day. We have been cooped up inside sick and cold for so long that the Angry Bird and Jake and the Neverland Pirates addictions had taken over. We had already decided to go to the park in the gorgeous weather, but when Luke suggested the Zoo, we decided that he had a great idea. We packed up a picnic lunch and loaded up to go and enjoy the beautiful day! Us and the rest of the area. It was a zoo at the zoo! But it was a lot of fun.

Luke couldn’t wait to play on the playground.

I couldn’t get over how warm it was! The poor boys were sweating in their jeans~ Momma should have busted out the shorts!

Gotta love Luke’s big ol’ cheeses! He loved these flamingos.

We had to wait 45 mintues for the 15 minute train ride, but the boys love the train.

It was a wonderful day and it gave me some serious Spring fever!!

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