Button Pusher…

How could this little fellow with the cheesiest of grins possibly do anything naughty??

He doesn’t have mischief written all over his face does he?

The other day my mom called to ask if I had sent out a St. Patrick’s Day card on Facebook?

Uhmm…. That would be a big no. But we knew immediately who had done it.

I let Luke play Angry Birds on my iPad and left the room. Well, he somehow posted a St. Patrick’s Day card on my wall! J I don’t think I could do that if I wanted to. I deleted it right away, but I really think I should have left it, because that’s pretty funny!

He has no fear when it comes to button pushing (maybe both literally and figuratively!).

This afternoon, I realized he was sitting super quietly on the couch and went over to see what was up. He had gotten my camera and was pressing all sorts of buttons and deleted all of my pictures!

So much for that Spring Break post that I never made.

Oh, that boy!

Is he ever lucky that he has big blue eyes, a big ole smile and a sweet big heart!

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