Before the year ends, I wanted to do a quick post to record our Christmas 2011. It was awesome and I’m kind of sad that it’s over! It went by entirely too quickly.

Jeremy, Santa’s elf stirred up all sorts of trouble in the days that he was with us. You can see his first few days of mischief here and here.

We had a lot of fun with Jeremy.

I didn’t take the first picture of my boys all dressed up on Christmas Eve and Christmas day! I can’t believe it, but they looked super handsome. J

I really didn’t take a whole lot of pictures on Christmas day either. I took pics of the kids opening toys and that was about it.

It was a great day. The kids loved everything. We had a nice church service. We had a yummy breakfast and wonderful lunch. We played. We rested. We had a fantastic Christmas!

We had one of the best Christmas seasons this year. Both boys were super excited and very appreciative. Both boys got the fun concept of gift giving and receiving and they both understood the true meaning of Christmas and were willing to share that with any and everyone! We have had a great break from school and spent a lot of time with one another. It’s really been wonderful.

2011 was pretty good to us and I pray that we here and you there may all have a super blessed 2012!!

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