Daddy’s Mouth

[chat p=”1″]Setup: My eight year old Son, Daniel, and my wife, Cindy, were watching “Billy the Exterminator” on TV. It’s an entertaining show about a guy that does extreme pest control. His language, though, is also a little extreme for an eight year old. This is the conversation that ensued. [/chat] [chat p=”2″]Cindy: You know, Daniel, you can’t talk like Billy. He says some things that aren’t nice.[/chat] [chat p=”3″]Daniel: I know… but, you say some of those things sometimes.[/chat] [chat p=”2″]Cindy: Well, you don’t need to say them.[/chat] [chat p=”3″]Daniel: I know.  And Daddy said the ‘C’ word twice when he was trying to get that big box into the attic and got stuck.[/chat]

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    I smashed my finger and just about fell off the ladder, dropping the box on top of me. The ‘C’ word (that’s ‘crap’ just in case some of my more creative friends can think of a worse C word) just slipped. Twice.

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