Dan’s Ordination: with pictures this time…

I posted last week about Dan’s ordination. I didn’t have any pictures, so my sister-in-law sent pictures she had taken on her iPhone {Thank you, Mary!!}

Dan was chosen to read scripture during the service, so this is him at the pulpit. I’m not sure I breathed during his reading. I was so nervous for him {I guess because he was surrounded by a lot of Bishops and Pastors!}, but he did an awesome job!

Dan was able to bring two Pastors and two family members up with him as he received his blessing and stole. Dan’s mom and I were the two family members, so we sat up front instead of with the rest of the family {one of the main reasons I had no pictures of my own!}. By the time Dan was called forward, my niece and nephews were ready to go {it was a rather long service}, so they watched from a TV in the chapel. So, the picture of Dan after receiving his stole is from a TV screen. J

Dan is right in the middle of the screen

As a side note, I think the kids did awesome during the service. It was rather super long and we’re talking about 5 kids ranging from 4-8 yrs.

After the service there was a reception, so we were able to get a couple of pictures there. Dan got pictures with his parents, brother and our family {but no sister~ how did that happen?}.

I’m so happy to now have pictures to document such a special day!  {Thanks again!!}

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