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I mentioned the other day that Daniel was having Career Day this week. He was trying to choose between a Policeman, a Pastor and an Exterminator. That still cracks me up! Anyway, he originally chose Pastor and even wrote a good little report about becoming a Pastor, but then he decided he really wanted to be a Police Officer. Bless his heart, it was as if this was THE moment to choose his future career.

He wrote another good report about becoming a Police Officer and training Luke if he wanted to become part of the police and he wanted to help the earth be better. He also had to decorate a little bear to look like his chosen career.

And yesterday he had to dress up for Career Day too.

I think he had a great time~ he usually does. He makes fun wherever he goes. J

We also woke up to a dusting of snow yesterday morning.

It was Pajama Day in my classroom yesterday, so between the snow outside and the pajamas on the kids inside, I was just a little exhausted after work yesterday! To say my kiddos were excited would have been a major understatement.

Now we’re moving into Valentine’s mode. Daniel has his party today at school…. 2 days in a row of something different at school. I wonder if he can handle the excitement. J

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  1. Exterminator? Ha! I love it. My sister Kate wanted to be the “bus monitor” when she was 5 because then she could be in charge of all the other kids on the bus. My brother Marshall wanted to be the “donut-giver-outer” when he was 5. That way, he would always have access to donuts. I love kids.

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