Elf and the Third Degree

We are doing the “Elf on the Shelf” thing again this year.

I admit that last year I thought this whole elf thing was a bad idea. I also admit that I was wrong. The kids (8 and 4 years old) absolutely love the elf. They have talked about him all year. They literally begged Santa to send our elf, Jeremy, back. Jeremy did come back. Daniel found him sitting on the logs in the fireplace, and he and Luke started a celebration that would rival anything ever witnessed by Ed McMahon and the Prize Patrol.

Jeremy sitting on top of the Christmas tree.

So, we have Jeremy back. The kids are very excited. What does Daniel do? He uses this as an opportunity for research. He wants to know all about elves. He wrote Jeremy a note last night asking Jeremy some questions:

  1. 1. How old are you?
  2. 2. How many owners have you had?
  3. 3. Do you dance?
  4. 4. How many friends do you have?

Here are Jeremy’s responses:

  1. 1. 212. I’m a teenager.
  2. 2. No owners, but I’ve visited many families.
  3. 3. Always.
  4. 4. More than I can count.

Daniel has already made up a list of more questions. Is anyone else giving their elf the third degree?

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