embrace the camera: t-ball edition…

My littlest man has been playing t-ball this summer, which has been a lot of fun to watch!

He is really learning a lot and has done a pretty good job paying attention and doing what he is supposed to do. Oh, and having fun. So, two goals reached there.

My dad had a week off a couple of weeks back, so my parents came to watch one of Luke’s t-ball games. They got a kick out of all the little people trying to figure out the game of baseball. It really is rather entertaining.

After t-ball we all went to dinner at one of Luke’s favorite places~ Buffalo Wild Wings. J He was a little unsure about wearing his uniform into the restaurant, but I think he quickly got over that and was full of {cheesy} smiles.

My parents will probably not be thrilled to be featured on the blog, but too bad! J They embraced the camera with their cheesy t-ball player.

He really does have beautiful blue eyes. He just loves to squint for his pictures!

embrace the camera

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