Favorites at Four and a Half…

 It’s either HUGE smiles where you cannot see Luke’s eyes:

OR I remind him to show his pretty eyes and this is the face I get:

He’s such a mess!  I asked Luke about some of his favorties as well.  My little man is between four and five and that’s hard to believe!  After I asked him his favorites, he asked me mine.  🙂 

color: red

TV show: Batman

food: chicken nuggets and French fries and strawberries

drink: lemonade and koolaid

toys: Batman things

thing this summer: Going to Grandpa and Grandma’s

place: Grandma and Grandpa’s at the beach

book: the Batman book with Joker and Riddler

song: Baby


I’ve actually never had the misfortune of watching this video until I looked it up for the blog post. We listen to it on Daniel’s MP3 player.  On repeat.  Until I have to turn it off.  🙂

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