Festivals and Fall Breaks and Soccer, Oh My…

My computer has been giving me problems since my last blog post. That is really not helping lack of blogging! It finally let me log onto my screen today, so I’m determined to do a quick post.

We had fall break earlier this week and really enjoyed our time off! We had a Fall Festival at church and the boys had a ball.

This is a terrible picture of Daniel, but it’s all I have. He was running around all over the place.

So here he is with the sun in his face, his ninja face stuff all askew, in between rock climbing adventures:

Luke was insistent that he wanted to be Scooby Doo with a mask. So, after some searching, I found him Scooby Doo with a mask… and he ripped the costume all up playing at the Festival. So….. he will be a pirate from here on out, because we have that costume from when Daniel was 4. J .

He refused to stop for a picture {there was way too much going on~ who would stop playing for pictures?!?}, but here he is running by:

He also found some cotton candy and ended up with a nice pink beard. J

We had fun Monday of Fall Break by going to the zoo. Or the “animal park” as Luke called it.

The day was gorgeous and we really enjoyed ourselves.

The zoo was all decorated for Zoo Boo, so there was lots of creepy Halloween stuff all around and… Batman.

Our resident Batman lover was all excited about this find. We had a picnic lunch and walked all over the place. It was really nice. The boys were asking to leave in the afternoon, because they were so tired!

Luke had double header soccer games today. He did surprisingly well playing for so long. He scored two goals!

It was such a pretty day to be out and about. His soccer season ends this coming up Thursday, so Luke asked me if he could play football next. Uhm…. No. I’m sure I only have a couple years left to say no to that request from him. Yikes!

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