My little Luke is FIVE!! I’m pretty sure I just gave birth to him, but apparently not!

He was so excited about his birthday and tore right through his presents first thing. When your birthday is 2 days after Christmas, it’s hard to space your gift getting throughout the day.

He was super excited about his Imaginext toys and he loved his Where is My Hairbrush playdough. J He played with it all morning! He would make his Veggie Tales friend “hair” (aka playdough) grow and then cut it with his playdough scissors.

He also got a cool big boy Phineas and Ferb bike. It took him a little bit to warm up to it, but he loves it now. He rode it all through the house. J

We had chili for lunch (one of Luke’s favorites) and had some cake. He was so proud of his cake that he helped me make. It ended up this crazy hot pink color, but we all called it red. He mixed the batter and iced it and poured sprinkles and put the candles all himself. He was so proud.

We headed to the zoo in the late afternoon. We went to Zoo Lights for Daniel’s birthday and Luke was disappointed that the animals were sleeping, so we went to see them awake.

It was cold and nearly 4:00, so I was worried about how much fun the trip would be, but it was great! The animals were so active.

The rhinoceros walked right up to us and stuck his head over the fence. We didn’t dare touch him, but we could have! I didn’t even zoom in for this awesome picture above.

Animals that we don’t usually see moving around came right up to us and the lion was roaring over and over.

We told Luke that he was singing Happy Birthday to him. J We had such a great time and Luke loved every bit of it.

We went out for the birthday boy’s favorite meal: chicken nuggets and French fries.

All in all, I would say Luke had a fun day turning 5 years old!!

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