God Helps Me Do Good Things {even when I’m sick}…

We’re sick at our house…. again.  This time it’s me and Luke.  I’ve fortunately skipped out on most of the sickies this year, but I guess I have to take at least one for the team.  Luke and I have spent lots of hours on the couch resting and watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates and playing Angry Birds.  I caught a little video of Luke playing and singing after school Monday (the beginning of the ick).  I love the little voice singing:

“God helps me do good things, God helps me do good things.  Everyday I can do my best!  ‘Cause God helps me do good things.” 

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  1. That is sooo sweet!! You can hear the sniffles while he’s singing!! Give both boys a big hug from Nana and Papa.

  2. How sweet! And I love that he’s singing that while playing Angry Birds! Made me laugh out loud! Hope you are all feeling better, soon! Nate has been home from school all week, but looks like he’ll make it back tomorrow. I start my Z-pak tonight! Tis the season to drug it up!

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