He’s Back!…

Jeremy, Santa’s elf is back! The boys were beyond excited. I have never seen Luke so excited about something. He was jumping up and down and screaming. I didn’t get a pic of Jeremy that first night, but he brought some peppermint patties and a stocking holder for Luke. Santa sent a note reminding us of the elf rules and told Luke to be careful with his new stocking holder. J

So, Luke’s stocking is back where it belongs.

The next day the boys found Jeremy in our Christmas tree.

Daniel has written to Jeremy asking all sorts of questions like how old he is and if he is a ninja elf. So, Luke got paper and wrote to Jeremy. This is his first note ever!

He wrote Luke and We. The translation would be that Luke wanted him to play the Wii. So… the next night Jeremy played a little Mario Kart on the Wii.

Since his note seemed to work one night, Luke tried for another and added onto his note:

I helped him a little bit with his spelling of snow.

It turns out our little Curious George decided he would touch Jeremy with the pencil that he was writing his note with. Well, it’s a big no no to touch Jeremy~ he might lose his magic. So, this morning we found him resting on the bookshelf.

Maybe this will keep little nosey fingers away from him for a bit. J He was a little horrified at Jeremy having to rest, so I think he will leave him alone now.

Jeremy adds such a fun little addition to our Christmas season. Can’t wait to see what he does next!

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