Interview with an EIGHT year old…

Our oldest is EIGHT years old now. It’s rather amazing to me that he is a second grader. Dan and I both fondly remember our second grade years. This both makes me smile and makes me nervous. He’s really going to keep these memories from here on out. Yikes. Ha! Daniel is such a sweet boy and has such a kind heart. I asked him some questions the other day and here are his answers.

What do you like to watch on TV? Harry Potter movies

What is your favorite thing to eat? Turkey and gravy

What do you like to play with? Legos

What’s your favorite book? That’s a hard question. Uhm… Star Wars Jedi and Sith

What’s your favorite game? Lego Star Wars

What is your favorite color? Green

What is your favorite subject in school? Drawing and Math

Who do you like to play with? Julian, Wesley, Conrad, and John

I’m not sure how thrilled he was with answering my questions! He absolutely loves school and church {I hope he always does!}. He’s a people person and such a smart boy. His vocabulary is outrageous. The other day I asked him why he didn’t play his new Lego Harry Potter game anymore and he said “because it’s malfunctioning.” What 8 year old uses the word ‘malfunctioning’ in everyday conversation? Daniel does~ that’s who!

He prefers the computer now over the TV. He comes in from school every day and wants a sliced apple and to play on the computer. He usually spends his time on jumpstart and lego.com. We’re still reading the Harry Potter series together and he reads a ton on his own as well. I love that he loves to read.

I love that he really loves learning and reading and is also very outgoing and has lots of friends. He is still loving karate and is developing a witty sense of humor {maybe even sarcastic, but I can’t imagine where he gets that from}.

He has a blast wherever he goes and is a perfectionist~ now I honestly don’t know where he gets the perfectionism {not from his momma!}.

He’s a joy and we wouldn’t trade him for anything!! J

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