Intruder at the Office

A pastor entered his office completely unaware that there was an intruder lurking inside. As soon as the pastor entered the room, the intruder came at him from his hiding place behind the bookcase. The pastor was carrying a heavy book and instinctively swung, scoring a solid hit.

The dazed intruder flew into a quick retreat and hid. The pastor was still too surprised to follow where the fiend went. The office door remained closed, so the trespasser was still inside. The pastor clung to his heavy book with one hand and quickly grabbed a long, two by two piece of wood that was part of the bookcase with his other hand. Now better armed, he began sweeping the room for the intruder. Was he under the desk? No. Behind the copier? No.

Just then the office door opened. The pastor quickly turned around only to find one of his parishioners standing there. Seeing the pastor standing there with a text book in one hand and a wooden sword in the other, the parishioner asked, “Dan, what on earth are you doing?”

I answered, feeling somewhat silly, “There’s an angry wasp loose in my office!”

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  1. Two days later, the pastor received a package from his sister. Inside was a can of Hot Shot and a note saying “Don’t be such a wuss!”

  2. Post

    Uh-huh… It’s easy to judge when you aren’t the one being attacked my a huge, venomous, rabid wasp.

    I have two letters for you: E. T. 🙂

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