Lake Birthday…

We spent this past weekend out at the lake. Two weeks in a row must be some sort of record. Saturday was Dan’s birthday and we spent most of the day out on the boat.

This was my view most of the day:

Not a bad view. It sure was hot though!

We ate a yummy {albeit greasy} lunch and the boys tried fishing in the lake around the restaurant. Daniel caught a couple of fish, but moved too fast for me to get his picture.

Doesn’t he know Momma has a blog she’s trying to keep up? J

He met a little boy out there that was fishing too, so D3 gave his catches to that little guy.

Daniel was itching for us to stop the boat, so that he could jump in and swim. Papa finally did and Daniel was thrilled. I tried to take his picture here and also did a lousy job. The sun was so bright that I couldn’t tell that I got all water and only D3’s head.

Oh well. It’s him. I promise.

Luke took a lot of coaxing, but he finally got in. {But not before he had his life jacket AND his swimmies on. He loves those swimmies.}

We came back after many hours on the lake to have some birthday cake.

It was a fun, relaxing weekend!

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