Luke lately …

*Luke’s scripture verse for January at school was, “A friend loves at all time.” ~Psalm 17:17 Well, he informed me that in fact a friend does not love at all times, because Claire told him the other day that they weren’t all best friends. J We then had a discussion about how God wants us to love all the time, so that’s what we should try to do.

*The other day Luke was running around in circles and spinning himself in circles in the den saying “What happened to the world? What happened to the world?” I think maybe he was a bit dizzy. Ha!

*Dan’s already posted about Luke’s bug sandwich the other day, but it’s too funny not to share. I accidently bought crunchy peanut butter the other day at the grocery store and made a PB&J for Luke’s school lunch with it and forgot to warn him. Well, he came home from school and said, “I didn’t eat my lunch today. It was yucky, it had bugs in it.” Bless his heart, he didn’t know what was going on with that crunchy peanut butter!

Luke is also newly obsessed with computers like the rest of the family.

He loves my iPad and would play Angry Birds all day if I let him.

He thinks it’s cruel and unusual punishment that I won’t let him play it just whenever he wants.

He has also mastered using the mouse on the desktop and can zoom around all sorts of games on nickjr~ the only website we’ve let him go to so far.

{Please excuse my messy desk. I’d like to say it doesn’t look like this a lot, but that wouldn’t be truthful. Ha!}

We really have to watch him, because he wants to play all. the. time.

The boy is a mess and keeps laughing or at least shaking our heads daily.

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  1. David and Luke are best friends – they just don’t know it yet! As I’m typing, David is sitting next to me playing angry birds on the ipad! Too funny!

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