Luke the Negotiator

[chat p=”1″]Luke: We need to eat at restaurants for lunch on Fridays.[/chat] [chat p=”2″]Cindy: Umm. ok, but today is not Friday, it’s Wednesday.[/chat] [chat p=”3″]Luke: Oh. On Wednesdays, too.[/chat] [chat p=”4″]We have started theme nights in order to keep our menu simple and cheap. So we have Pasta on Monday, Mexican on Tuesday, Pizza on Friday. Luke apparently feels like he can work in a restaurant day (or days). He loves to eat at restaurants! [/chat]

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  1. I am a rank amateur! I actually went to a weekend grassroots gathering in October – up in Chicago – two full days of sharing tips!

    There is a 20-year-old – that goes to UFla by the way – who flies somewhere just about every weekend – and does most of it for essentially free!! Crazy.

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