Muppet Movie Review

As a child of the 80’s, I have enjoyed the recent resurgence of many old shows on T.V. and in the theaters. A-Team, Smurfs, Transformers are all some of the old shows that have made their return to the big screen. So far, though, none of these shows have been able to connect my passion for the originals to their modern adaptations. Enter Muppets.

This movie was great. It stayed true to the characters. It stayed true to the original Muppet Show format. It stayed true to guest hosts and cameo appearances. It stayed true to musical numbers (I was glad to hear Kermit sing Rainbow Connection again!).

If my 8 year old is a good representation of kids across America, the Muppets just connected with a new generation in a big way. He wants to see it again. He wants more Muppets. In fact, we’ve gone through our video collection to try to give him his Muppet fix. Hello, A Christmas with the Muppets featuring John Denver from 1979!

In this movie, the Muppets get back together to do a benefit show to save the old Muppet Show Theater. It is a plot that has been done over and over again in other movies, but there are several subplots that will keep you going. There’s the question: are you a man or a Muppet (which I believe actor/writer Jason Segel honestly had to ask himself). Then there’s the continuing romantic saga between frog and pig. Then there’s trying to figure out exactly what Jack Black does for the movie (which is nothing… that’s why it’s funny). Finally, the real plot of the movie is the same as its real life plot… will people today watch the Muppets? With a box office gross of 58 million, I would say the world still needs the Muppets!

Add it all up, and this movie is good, clean fun. I felt like I was visiting old friends, and I loved whispering the names of the characters to my 4-year-old as they came on screen for the first time. I knew that I was introducing him to something great. Welcome back, gang! In control!

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  1. I disagree. It was not good. It was not great. It was THE BEST MOVIE EVER! I have never seen a movie twice in the theatre…until this one! I laughed. I cried. I swayed in my seat (Rainbow Connection). I just wish Jim Henson was still around. He’d be proud!

    Who is the giant blue elephant looking muppet? Must’ve been before my time.

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  2. That’s it! Yes, Thog was before my time. I remember Sweetums, but drew a blank when I saw Thog. Thanks, bro!

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