My Day: A Play by Play..

I thought I would do a ‘Day in the Life Of’ today. I feel like I’m constantly in the car running up and down the road these days. Such is the life of a mother, I guess.

This is a riveting post, let me warn you. ūüėȬ†¬† But I do enjoy looking back on the posts.

My day started with my 6:00 alarm clock and was followed by getting ready for the day~ shower, dressed, hair, makeup, Daniel up, breakfast, packing lunches, rushing Daniel out of the door, etc., etc.

I head into work around 8:00.  My day was full of short vowels and listening to reading. J Over and over. I have to say I love it, though!!

I headed home for lunch and then over to the preschool to pick up Luke. We ran by the church to see Dan real quick and Dan gave Luke a balloon.

It became his toy of the day. He was into that balloon!

We chilled at the house for about 45 minutes before we got back in the car and went to pick up D3.

We came home for the kids to grab a quick snack and then headed to Sam’s for our monthly Sam’s run.

Grocery shopping with two kids is really just not tons of fun. Thank goodness for all the samples today, though! They took advantage of them.

We came home and I put up the food and Daniel got ready for Karate.

He’s doing great with Karate. He’s an orange belt {the only orange belt standing up in the picture} and he gets to do so much more, so he is really into it.

After Karate, we came home and D3 {&Luke} did homework while I cooked dinner.

I made a little drawer full of things that Luke could do during homework time. He’s done great sitting with Daniel every day and working on different things¬†from his¬†homework box.

Ignore the boxes in the background. My parents gave us some dishes and I’ve yet to unpack them all. <hangs head in shame.>

We ate dinner, the boys cleaned up toys, got clean, got in pajamas, brushed teeth, had story time and went to sleep!

I cleaned the kitchen and then watched Big Brother <hangs head in shame again. J>

I think I might watch another show with my hubby and then go to sleep!

Such is a day in my life…

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