My Day: A Play by Play…

 I started out my day on Thursday taking pictures for My Day:a Play by Play and things didn’t go exactly like planned {do they ever?}.  Thursday was the first day that we were all back to school after Christmas break.  We had the longest Christmas Break and I had gotten too used to sleeping in!  {Well, until 7:00~ which is Luke sleeping in.} 

*I’m sure this post jumps from past to present tense and I couldn’t line up my captions right, but I’m posting this anyway!*

 6:00   Up and getting ready for school <ugh>

The first time in several weeks that all 3 of our lunchboxes were lined up and ready to go.

7:35  Drop D3 off at school and head to work

7:45-1:00  Got my room ready for 2011 and then the kiddos came.  They did remarkably well for coming back after an almost 3 week break!  We had fun talking about our Christmas breaks and making a Happy New Year craft!

Cute, but I think he would have been cuter with a party horn.  🙂

So, at some point in my school day my head starting really hurting, and this is where my day didn’t go exactly as planned.  I’m ready to trade in my sinuses for new ones!  Any takers?  Thirty-three year old sinuses that I can’t get under control?  Anyone?  You just have to take 2 types of sinus meds each day to prevent sinus problems, but maybe once a week get a sinus headache anyway.  I’ll trade them for free!  Noone?  Okay…

2:20     Pick up D3 from school.  We sat in the long line waiting on D3 while I played on my iPad {love that thing} and Luke watched Mater’s Tall Tales.  He LOVES this DVD {thanks Grandma & Grandpa}.  He laughs through the whole thing, not that you can tell in this picture.

Please excuse Mr. Peanut Butter Toast Face.  He had some toast after school and his mommy didn’t wash his face.

By the time I got home with Daniel my headache was out of control, so I made the kids promise to be on best behavior and sat them in front of the TV while I laid down to try and get my headache to go away!  Luckily for them {and me} Dan came home for a little bit before a late night at work and they played outside while I laid in a dark room wishing my headache away {didn’t work :(}.

5:00   Took Daniel to his new Karate class.  There was a reception in his regular room, so they moved him into this little room.  He was so excited because one of his good buddies is now in his class.   There are several new white belts in his class, so they had to sit while he practiced things that they haven’t learned yet.  He loved this, because all last class he was the white belt that had to sit while others practiced.  🙂

6:00  Got home and fixed breakfast for dinner {eggs, turkey bacon and biscuits~yum} and took my… uhm… I don’t know 3rd dose of sinus medicine of the day and prayed for my stinkin’ headache to go away.

7:00  Baths, stories {My Goodnight Bible for Luke and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for Daniel~ I love both of these books} tuck in and lights off.

7:30  Clean the kitchen while watching Netflix on my iPad.  Now, I’m not sure lazy is the word for this, because I was working… but watching Billy the Exterminator while doing dishes really makes cleanup go faster. 🙂

The rest of my night was spent sitting on the couch and watching TiVoed shows with my man.  And waiting for someone to trade sinuses with me.  But I’m still waiting….

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  1. Your sinus headache sounds alot like the migraines I get occasionally. Could you be misdiagnosing? I used to think my headaches were sinus related, because I routinely suffered from sinus infections. Then one day I had a really bad one – so bad we thought I was having a stroke. Rushed to the doctor’s office and she asked if I had ever had a migraine. My response: “well, no, just alot of sinus pressure…what’s a migraine?” So after a round of shots to get my “stroke” under control, she prescribed a magical little pill called Imitrex. LOVE IT! Immediately takes away all the headache pain, with no side effects (for me anyway). I always make sure I have one on hand at all times, because nothing else comes close to relieving my headaches. Anyway, hopefully for you it is just a sinus thing – but you may want to look into it if nothing else works!

    1. Post

      I need to look into this. Sometimes I have wondered if they were migraines. This one was rough and I was very naseaus, which makes me think migraine over sinus. I’ll have to do some research.
      That’s scary if you thought you were having a stroke! Yikes.

  2. Well, the stroke symptoms were induced by the mix of prescription medication I took because I was in so much pain! I had some pain meds leftover from having David, and I also found a muscle relaxer…probably not the smartest combination, but at that point I was beyond desperate! Anyhow, along with the severe headache and vomiting, I was starting to feel numbness and slurring my speech (duh) and that’s when our neighbor said it could be a stroke. So we rushed to the doctor and when she found out what medications I had taken, she actually chuckled, and said “well, that’s why you’re slurring and feeling numbness!” Hmm, looking back, this is one of those times I realize I am lucky to be alive! My migraines were so frequent at one point, that they put me on a preventative. Since we’ve moved to SC, I only get them every once in a while. 🙂

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