My Newest Adventure…

I made the decision this past May that I wasn’t going to return to the preschool this fall. It was a hard call for me, because I LOVED the job so much. I have been searching for a full time teaching position for about a year and a half now and they are hard to come by! I decided to be a full time substitute teacher this school year.

Fortunately right at the beginning of the school year, I interviewed for a job as a Reading teacher and got the job! It is part time, but works out great with Luke’s preschool schedule and gets me on staff at a Primary School. I started last Monday and have thoroughly enjoyed my first week. It’s a fun challenge coming up with ways to help 2nd graders learn to become better readers. It’s just a bit different than teaching preschoolers. J

I spent the week before I started collecting things for my new job and trying to set up my room. I have a small room with no windows. I was completely spoiled at the preschool with three huge windows, so my room is a bit dark.

I still think the room turned out pretty cute! Excuse my messy table.

My super sweet hubby brought me flowers on the first day with the kids. He wanted to get something really colorful, because my room was quite neutral before I got a hold of it. J

I’m really hoping to get on a better blogging schedule now. How many times have I said that recently? Hopefully this is it! My poor little bloggy still thinks it’s Spring! I’m waiting on Fall for a change though, because I am so over summer!!! No more 100 degree temps please. J

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