My first born little man is nine years old now! It’s crazy how fast time flies when you’re someone’s Momma!

Daniel woke up to his now expected balloons in his room. There were nine of them this year.

And streamers in the door way.

We spaced out the gift opening a little bit, because he was so excited. There was lots of Star Wars lego play before 8:00!

Daniel had a few buddies come over to play and eat pizza around lunch time. He was so proud of his cake. He went to the store and picked it out all by himself. Lots of chocolate. And some weird Christmas gift that looked like Mardi Gras on top. I love that he has embraced his December birthday, because he loved that Christmas birthday cake!

He got some fun gifts from his friends and had a blast playing with them.

We rested for a bit after D’s friends left and then we headed to Zoo Lights.

The boys had a blast and Daniel declared his birthday a success!

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