No Screen Day 2

[chat p=”1″]Daddy: Luke, tomorrow is a no screen day! No TV, and no computers tomorrow![/chat] [chat p=”2″]Luke: And no Ipad?[/chat] [chat p=”1″]Daddy: Nope, no Ipad, either[/chat] [chat p=”2″] Luke: (looks at for me for a moment, and then) Are you teasing?[/chat] [chat p=”3″]We had our second No Screen Day yesterday. Our first one went really well. This time we cheated a little bit and went to the zoo. I have been sick for almost two months, and am finally feeling better. The rest of the family has also been sick off and on in the last two months. It has been brutally cold and we have been cooped up for most of the winter. Finally, we had a gorgeous Saturday with 78 degree weather so it was a day for getting out of the house![/chat]

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  1. We do this on Sundays (we call it disconnect day, because we also turn off our cellphone. Sundays are also family days – no going to friends houses and no friends here. The exception being if we are playing outside the neighborhood kids are,too, or if we plan dinner with another family. Wish we had a zoo.

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