Not so little…

My little man is not such a little man anymore. He is almost four AND A HALF ~as he is proud to add to his age. He thinks he has been four for an eternity and is so ready to be five. Me? Not so much.

I picked up a bike at a yard sale back in the fall and it was a bit too big for Luke, so we bought him a little bike for his birthday. He was/is so proud of that iddy birthday bike.

He rode all over the house on his birthday. Well, a couple of weeks ago I noticed that his knees were going to start hitting the handle bars, so I got out the yard sale bike.

And Luke took off.

He’s zooming all around the yard on that bike. {Mostly while wearing a helmet, by the way}

Another indication that he is getting older is that I bravely signed him up for t-ball. J

I’m not sure that Dan thought this was one of my better ideas, but I thought he would enjoy it. Granted I had several conversations with myself over the fact that yes he is now four and can actually participate.

I might be in a bit of denial that my little man is getting older.

I bought him a t-ball stand and he couldn’t wait to practice.

Wednesday was his first practice with his team and he was so excited that I thought he might burst. All day long he asked me if it was time for t-ball. I think I will wait until we are about to leave to tell him about a game or practice next time! We had lots of talks about listening to your coach! Lots of talks. J

He did such a good job! He listened and he tried his best. Can’t ask for more than that.

He hit the ball, ran after the ball, threw the ball, played in the dirt, slid into home, traded gloves with his little friend, ran to third after hitting the ball, learned what a dugout was, and so much more! It was too cute.

He had so much fun and I’m glad he has his own thing for a little while. Maybe I’m getting out of my denial that he is no longer a baby, but is quite the fun FOUR and a HALF year old.

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