Oh, yea. I have a blog…

My poor little blog, with it’s hit and run posts! I can’t seem to get the blogging thing together here lately. Our extremely busy May has been replaced by an extremely busy June.

This picture of Luke about sums it up:

He’s sleeping upright in the cart at Target. Ha!

We started our month with an incredibly important day for Dan. And I didn’t take the first picture! I can’t believe it. I had to snag these from Facebook! Dan was ordained as an Elder of the United Methodist Church.

He has worked so hard and the service was just incredible. I’m so proud of him. He is a wonderful pastor!

For some reason this year I volunteered to direct our church’s VBS. I’m not sure what I was thinking. Ha! I’m only kidding really. I love VBS. It is surely a big job though. I think things went well and the kids had a ball. I think most of my May/June busyness stemmed from coordinating VBS.

This was Luke’s first year as a VBS participant and he LOVED it. He had so much fun and I think he learned a lot. He loved the Worship time. He has been singing the songs all week.

I loved seeing him so into singing worship songs. His other favorites were snack and playdough time. J

Daniel has always loved VBS, so he had a wonderful time as usual. He had some of his best buds there, so that’s always a plus!

He’s gotten so big, by the way. I just can hardly take it. He acts so grown up now. {When he’s not fighting with his brother. J}

My VBS week brought back a lot of memories of my days as a Children’s Ministry Coordinator. I did enjoy that job!

We followed up VBS with a mini trip to the lake for Father’s Day.

I’m hoping that our summer will now take a chilled out, but fun pace. And who knows, maybe I can blog more often about it?!

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