Park-filled Saturday…

It’s felt like summer here today! I can’t believe how warm it has been.

I’ve wanted warmer temperatures, but I didn’t want it to skip straight to summer.

The boys stayed busy playing outside today. Luke had a birthday party this morning at a local playground and he played his little heart out.

His friends from his class were there, so they had a ball together.

Then both of my boys have been begging to go to another park in town, so late this afternoon we headed over that way.

The kids got a lot of fresh air today and the warm weather has got me thinking about our Summer survival. Gotta’ have a plan, so we have fun summer days again this year. Hopefully I can come up with something… only 6 more weeks!

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  1. LOVE your new springy header! We too felt yesterday like we skipped spring and went right to summer here in MI (so long are you wern’t looking at the piles of snow still lingering on!), but,,,it didn’t last…back in the 50’s today…and the “s” word in the forcast for later this week 🙁
    Happy Spring!

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