I am officially obsessed with this show. Thank you Netflix instant streaming. I just love it! I have zoomed through the first season and just started the second. Any time I have an extra minute, I’m watching an episode!

When I first heard of Pinterest, I just didn’t get the big deal. But now I’m on board! It’s such fun to collect little pins. Now we’ll see if I actually incorporate anything I’ve pinned into my life.

I’m way into teacher blogs right now too. There are a gobzillion of them! There are so many wonderful ideas out there. Some of them have been a lifesaver to me in my new job.

Luke starts soccer this Thursday. I’m so anxious to see how he does. Right now he is not excited, but that’s Luke for you. It will take him about 5 minutes into the first practice to like it. Well, that’s my guess anyway. Oh, and Dan’s coaching his team. J

College Football has started and therefore it should be cool and Fall outside. The end.

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  1. Just catching up on the blog reading (David is home sick today). Congratulations on the new job! You continue to inspire me! David just started soccer as well…and Mike is the coach! 🙂

    Fall is almost here! In fact, our windows are open today! Yay!

    Love to all!

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